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Combat® Ant Bait - Source Kill


Case UPC: 023400459015

Combat® Source Kill Ant Bait arms your home with proper ant control. These baits are formulated with Hydramethylnon, a powerful insecticide that will kill the queen and exterminate the entire colony of ants. These easy-to-use, child-resistant, no-mess baits need no activation. Simply place them down and they will protect your home from ants for up to three months.


  • Combat® Source Kill Max Ant Bait

  • Combat® Source Kill Max Ant Killing Gel

Case UPC: 023400459015
Item UPC: 023400459018

Item #: 2780442
Product Size: 6 ct
Case Pack: 12
Case Weight: 2.0 lb
Case Cube: 0.3
Pallet Quantity: 160