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Boraxo® Heavy Duty Powders

Boraxo® Powdered Hand Soaps

The original powdered hand soap, and still the industry leader. Dual action Boraxo® hand soap combines the scrubbing power of borax with the cleaning power of soap to easily dissolve grease and dirt when washing with water. All Boraxo® Powdered hand soaps are 100% soluble and safe in septic systems.

  • TMT® Boraxo® Powdered Hand Soap - 90% fine mesh borax, 10% soap
  • Boraxo® Powdered Hand Soap - The original 75% fine mesh borax, 25% soap for more cleaning power.
  • Heavy Duty Boraxo® Powdered Hand Soap - Larger crystals provide the best dual-action performance.
  • Luron® Pink Powdered Hand Soap - A combination of fine powdered soap and skin conditioners make this soap extra gentle to the hands. Soft rose scent and pink color
  Boraxo® Powdered
Hand Soap
Boraxo® Powdered
Hand Soap
Item# 00301 02203
Size 12 oz. 5 lb.
Pack 12 10
wt 10.5 lb. 56 lb.
Cube 0.30 1.30
Pl Qty 176 39
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  TMT® Powdered
Hand Soap
Wall Mount
for Powders
Item# 02561 03808
Size 5 lb. 12 lb.
Pack 12 4
wt 55 lb. 5.5 lb
Cube 1.30 2.04
Pl Qty 39 16
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