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Food Service

Food-borne illnesses are a real threat to the foodservice industry. Not only can an occurrence be damaging to a business's reputation, but can also result in loss of sales and even litigation.

For over 60 years, Dial® has been a trusted brand, leading the marketplace with antibacterial soap technologies. At Henkel, we understand that your employees play a critical role in stopping the spread of germs and bacteria. Our products have been tested not only to be highly effective against germs, but also mild on the skin, making them ideal for frequent hand washing. We make products your employees will enjoy, helping them to follow the stringent hand washing standards of the foodservice industry.

Dial® is ideal to use in public restrooms as well, where your customers will feel comfortable and confident in using a branded product. When they see the brand Dial®, they will have the peace of mind that you care about the cleanliness of their dining experience.

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